Can you feel the "love" tonight?

I'm a fan of disney, and still until now, I love disney classic movies like Aladin, lion king, little mermaid. In most disney classic movies, not all, there is always a love story between a Prince and a Princess.  Now let me give you an example from a disney classic movie which doesn't feature the love story of a prince and a princess but the story from fictional animal kingdom, the story of lion king. In the film, Simba grows up and falls in love with a lioness named Nala; during a rather lengthy sequence, they playfully wrestle, caress, and nuzzle one another as a love song (“Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”) plays. But for Simba and Nala to be straight meant only that they were in love.   I hear people do this all the time. When we think about a straight couple fall in love, we typically imagine the relationship in non-sexual terms: Love, romance, dating, candle light dinner,  Weddings. And yet, when we think about gay couples, many straight people conjure up images of sex
If you have trouble understanding what gay and lesbian people have to go through, these videos are worth watching and will help you to understand.

Stop comparing my orientation to lust

One thing that frustrates me when I come out to straight people is how they always narrow down being gay to sex and lust.    I know that no straight people become gay affirming overnight, most straight people especially straight christians already have preconceived notion about gay people, such as gay people are promiscuous which is the most popular, gay people only pursue sexual pleasure not love, and no gay relationship lasts long. In reality, how many gay people that they know in their life? do they have friends who are gay and live in promiscuity? Many don't, but these preconceived ideas have been perpetuated sadly by the church.  It makes me very frustrated  when  straight people think of being gay, they think of lust and sex and any emotional components are ignored.  Christian, when you  make  the blanket statement that homosexuality is a sin, what you’re really doing without realizing it is reducing all LGBT people down to a sex act; as if that alone defines sexuality.

What straight people need to know about lgbt people

I quote the following article from this link Language is a tricky thing. Sometimes the simple act of talking can feel like walking a tightrope made of all the things you’ve ever learned about how not to offend someone. But, since we humans do like to talk so much, it’s important that we consider how our words affect others, even when it seems exhausting. Step 1 of loving our LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) neighbors is simply this: we must be aware of the words we use. To help us all in this journey, we’ve compiled a few guidelines to follow, along with examples of old and new ways of speaking. Don’t feel bad if you’ve done these things before. Most of us have. 1. Avoid using the words “homosexual” and “homosexuality.” We’re not saying you’ll never, ever use these words again, or that if you do say them, you’ve committed a major faux pas. But, the truth is that in the past, the word “homosexual” has been used to alienat

It's been more than a year

It's been more than a year since I came out to myself and to some of my closest friends. 1 year ago, I stepped out of the years of shame, loneliness, fear and hiding. Now here I am healing, finding a new life and a renewed hope. Thanks to the many amazing people around me who have loved, cared for, supported, prayed and journeyed with me. Sometimes I feel envious when I see straight people displaying their affection and love to their partners through photos on social media, and their friends will rejoice together with them, or when they show their public display of affection, they won't get a bizarre stare from people. straight people are free from social oppression or religious persecution regarding their sexual orientation. But gay people are ostracized by society, not so much here in nz's secular society but in the religious circle, the abuse still continues. Even though nowadays more and more christian churches have become gay-affirming  but in many churches the abus

Very good article on lgbt issue

My story part 4

In March 2015 I left my church and moved to another church which accepts people like me, it was an extremely tough decision for me to make. Having attended my old church in the last 5 years had made me become emotionally attached to the church and developed a close friendship with some church friends, but I had to move on. I didn't abandon my faith, I was seeking a faith community where people would accept me unconditionally. My old church is a evangelical charismatic church, gay issue is barely spoken in the church. But, one day I heard my former pastor speaking an anti-gay comment when I was attending the sunday service, he said that new zealand had become an unchristian country from once being a christian country by legalizing gay marriage. I already knew where my old church stood on gay issue, thus I decided to leave the church without telling anyone my reason behind it. Yes, church is a safe place, but not if you are gay. It's funny for me to think that most christi